Searching for the right commercial real estate broker can often be time-intensive and difficult — especially in a state with as large of a commercial real estate market as Georgia. It is also important to understand that commercial real estate brokers are vastly different from their residential counterparts. They are more versed in business transactions, understand the risks involved in complex deals, and have various tools and techniques to provide you with the best expertise in the commercial real estate market of your locale. As commercial property specialists, they rely heavily on the facts and figures of the transactions they work on and are able to utilize their extensive experience in dealing with the local commercial real estate market to make sure their clients are not taken advantage of. That being said, the right commercial real estate brokers can provide you with a great deal of benefits as you look to dispose of an asset or purchase an existing business with real estate. Regardless of your use case, however, it is imperative to know that not all brokers are the same and you must be sure that you are working with the right one.

There are certain traits you should be on the lookout for when it comes to choosing the right broker, and we have listed our top traits that are descriptive of a stellar commercial real estate broker below.


The single most important trait of a successful commercial real estate broker is their integrity. With integrity and full disclosure at the core of the real estate industry, a good commercial real estate broker is one that emulates the professionalism that is required to maintain an honesty-driven track record. Simply put, a commercial real estate broker's reputation comes from a long time of dedicated work and, without it, brokers will find it very difficult to maintain a successful career. Thus, if your commercial real estate broker has a dedication to their work and ethical responsibilities, then they will be able to boast a long, successful tenure in the commercial real estate industry. Furthermore, an honest agent will be upfront in their dealings and will help you choose and broker transactions smoothly without hassle. Simply working with a commercial broker who showcases integrity can make all the difference in transactions being in your best interest.


One of the biggest gripes many individuals have with their previous commercial real estate brokers is lack of communication. Brokers who make it a priority to provide information on a timely basis and make themselves available to answer your questions and concerns are few and far between. Thus, it is in your best interest to find a commercial real estate representative who demonstrates their commitment to being as communicative as reasonably possible. Clear and on-time communication can make the difference in making the best decision for your investment needs and having a commercial real estate broker who lacks proper communication etiquette can often leave a negative impact on a transaction. With the proper commercial real estate broker who recognizes the importance of timely delivery of information, you can be sure that you are working with a broker who values your time and makes a valiant effort in providing you with as much of it as possible to help you make the best decisions in your transactions.

Advanced Techniques

Without question, technology is rapidly changing the atmosphere of the real estate industry today. Where once brokers relied on local printed listing directories in the past, real estate brokers today are having to change their strategies dramatically due to the rapid rise of technology. Thus, having a broker with the acumen to provide you with the latest real estate tools and property marketing strategies can help you obtain the competitive margin in securing the best deals in your local commercial real estate market. Additionally, commercial real estate brokers well-versed in the latest technologies can furnish you with more up-to-date knowledge about your local market and help you make a more calculated decision when negotiating terms of a transaction through analytical tools that other brokers may fail to utilize. When looking for the right commercial real estate broker, you may find that the use of advanced techniques can bring paramount value to your transactions and working with a commercial broker who can afford you with such value is a key indicator of an expert professional.


In a real estate market as saturated as Georgia, finding the right commercial real estate broker can be a daunting task. However, by understanding the traits that illustrate a stellar broker, you can be better equipped to make the right choice of who to choose as your representative in your next transaction. Commercial real estate deals are complex, involve a lot of equity, and take time and patience to close. With the right broker representing your best interests, you can be sure to sit at the closing table with the terms being more favorable to you.

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