If you are currently looking to invest in commercial real estate, then finding regions where multiple factors (e.g. housing markets, population growth, etc.) are thriving is an absolute must. Property investors must perform thorough searches to find regions where they may be able to experience minimum losses and maximum returns. With the addition of a meticulous search process to find fitting geographical regions, investors are able to increase the odds of a successful venture tenfold and are able to place their money to work with the least amount of risk. Simply put, with just the right selection of a region, property investors can increase their odds of experiencing greater margins in their real estate investments.

With that said, Atlanta is one such region where real estate investors should look forward to making their next purchase. According to many, it is one of the top-ranked real estate markets and has made its value amongst the top housing markets in the country. Even through 2018, Atlanta has continued to maintain its rankings. Thus, we have listed a few major reasons as to why you should start investing in the commercial real estate market of Atlanta below.

Atlanta's Strong Housing Market

If a region’s housing market is strong, then it will directly benefit the commercial businesses that reside within it. Being a continuously growing region according to its population and development, Atlanta is no exception to this phenomenon. Located in the heart of Georgia, the city has one of the largest metro areas in the entire country and has an ever-growing population of over 5.5 million residents. It also has a promising employment rate and, coupled with the increasing population growth, is a very healthy real estate market for investors. From the past year alone, properties in Atlanta have increased by nearly 14%, offering a great benefit to the current owners of commercial real estate in the region.

Atlanta is also an excellent home for families due to the prestigious educational institutes, employment opportunities, good neighboring, and solidified infrastructure. With a large part of the population in Atlanta consisting of young adults, the city is known to be a progressive economic center with a unique infrastructure of commercial real estate that provide various useful businesses to the residents of Atlanta.

With the added help of the strong housing market in the region, it is expected that property values in Atlanta are soon to rise even in the coming years!

Strong Economy

Atlanta's growing local economy is another positive factor for commercial real estate investors to consider Atlanta as their next region to acquire property in. Currently, the region’s economic GDP is 8th in the country and is even home to one of the most traveled airports in the world. With the added bonus of multiple international businesses opening their offices in Atlanta, the local market is home to a tremendous amount of job opportunities as well. Thus, flourishing in positive economic factors, Atlanta provides a growing market for commercial real estate and may just be one of the best places for commercial real estate investment.

Land Availability

Atlanta is unique in that the city itself is not your typical geographically limited metropolitan city. With a larger than normal geographical footprint, Atlanta is able to provide commercial real estate investors with many more opportunities to purchase properties matching their search criteria. With the Greater Atlanta region spanning over 8,000 square miles, commercial real estate investors are provided with a bustling metropolis that exhibits a thriving blend of demographics, neighborhoods, and untapped business opportunities for them to enjoy potentially larger returns. Additionally, the expansive region provides an inviting business culture that provides investors with a higher potential of success in whatever business venture they may be interested in pursuing.

Populous Traffic

Due to the expansive size of the metropolitan region of Atlanta, it is often regarded by its residents as a commuter-backed city. In other words, the residents of Atlanta rely heavily on their vehicles to navigate around the city and surrounding region. To commercial real estate investors, this is very promising as it provides them with the added satisfaction of pursuing ventures that they may have otherwise deemed too risky. Thus, the populous traffic counts of Atlanta’s commuter-reliant residents allows commercial real estate investors to purchase properties with the additional comfort that their properties are more readily accessible to both larger population samples and larger geographical footprints than cities of smaller and less commuter-reliant regions.


In sum, these are just a few important reasons for commercial real estate investors to consider Atlanta as their next region to invest in, and, if we haven’t already convinced you, we encourage you to visit our office in Atlanta and allow us the opportunity to showcase what one of the largest metropolitan regions in the Southeast United States can offer you and your commercial real estate investment needs!